Soulful apps for soulful businesses

Who are we?

We’re a boutique app development company who create apps that catch the eye, as well as the soul.

While originally we simply began making our own apps we soon realised we were surrounded by amazing businesses that need apps too. The apps we develop are soul­-led and mindful – we don’t just take on any project. As soulful and spiritual people ourselves, we work with businesses who have a similar ethos to us. Our clients include entrepreneurs, magazine editors, coaches and creatives.

We are not your stock standard app development company, we want to be different – this is why our apps leap off screens into the hearts and minds of users.

So are you a changemaker? Roaming rebel? Wellness warrior? A soul­-stirring and impassioned game changer? Are you ready to take your message further and share your mission with the world? T​ogether,​ let’s make it happen!

Work With Us

App Creation

We take your idea and turn it into your very own app. From idea to App Store, we take care of all elements of your app – from design, development and monetise.

The Magazine App

Help us take your magazine and showcase in an app. We help you create your branded app to allow you to make more passive income while sharing your magazine with a wider audience.

App Idea

Do you have an app idea for your business but you’re not sure if it’s a good idea? Our jam-packed eBook will show you step by step how to turn your idea into a power packed app that’s sure to create more profit within your business.

App Coaching

If you still need some guidance on your app idea, the app process or anything to do with your app, we’d love to jam with you and help shine a light on your big questions. Ask the experts and get one on one advice on your app questions. Let’s make your app a success!

Our Team

Jessica Patra
Jessica Patra

As the co-founder of The Tree Of Apps, Jessica is deeply passionate about helping and inspiring people through her apps and her words. Jessica wants to live in a world where life is balanced and apps are practical. When she’s not masterminding inspiring apps, you can find her meditating, dancing and practising yoga.

Joel Prelle
Joel Prelle

Meet Joel, the other co-founder of The Tree Of Apps. Joel is a dedicated entrepreneur who has been in the software industry since 1999. For all those that don’t know Joel, he has an open and direct personality, enjoys having a joke and making people laugh. When he’s not creating apps, you can find him restoring old cars, cooking and playing poker.

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