MINDFULNESS 101 – Living a mindful minute every hour

The Mindfulness 101 App allows you to take one minute from your day to stop, relax, reflect and unwind.



Mindfulness 101 – Living a mindful minute every hour

All you need is one minute every hour to reconnect with yourself and be mindful.

Need to be mindful now?

Just tap on the meditation lady on the home page and be directed to your mindful minute – any time of the day


Change the way you connect with yourself

Allowing yourself one sacred minute can help you connect with yourself and also take notice of the amazing things around you. Don’t let your life rush by. Stay alert. Stay connected. Be mindful.


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One minute is all it takes
  • “This type of app is perfect for someone who is looking to break up the day by taking allocated breaks.”

    Business Insider Australia and Lifehacker Australia
  • So useful for me!

    “I use this app every day and it really helps me to have a short break during the day! Thanks!”

  • Nice

    “Nice way to get a one minute relaxation every hour.”

  • Helpful for calming down!

    “I have a stressful job, as most of us, so this app helps me to feel better and not to be nervous. When I feel that I need to do some steps I just turn it on.”


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    The Mindfulness 101 – Living a mindful minute every hour App.

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